Suzy Adderley is a visual artist who has worked in varied media including performance, installation  and sculpture.

  • Calm Abiding

In the body of work Provisional DIY, the improvised making of the work over sometimes long periods, from materials re-used in many locations, formed the performative aspect of the work and involved collaboration with the audience or other artists.

In works engaging particularly with COLOUR, scanned, ambient colours from the surrounding space, or that evoke a particular mood, are used to enhance or ‘tweak’ the built environment.

Her current work is a long term text and textile project, the Parachute Files, which forms a record of research into inner structures of personhood.

Suzy is also an interiors and trained personal colour consultant and trained group facilitator and has worked with students at Camberwell college of Art and Goldsmiths College as well as extensively at the artist led project space Area 10 in Peckham.

She studied Fine Art at Reading University and has an MA in Textiles from Goldsmiths College, University of London.