The Parachute Files


The Parachute Files are the records of a ten year project of inner exploration and research that was part of a therapeutic integration of personality and memory lost through trauma. A method of  interviewing and dialoguing was used to trace and emerge the lost or stuck personae and conscious dreaming recorded a dramatic narrative of escape from forces of authority, the repressive and critical forces both internalised within the unconscious and present in the world.

Textile name panels were made for each of the inner personas, who were encouraged to choose the materials for the pieces and engage as fully as possible in their making. The repetitive action of conscious stitching by hand served to enable traumatic memory related to each persona to be processed and re-embedded in more accessible areas of awareness. A materialising of the inner content served to embody and give voice to the personas in the external world and contributed to their ‘making sense’.

The documents recording the dialoguing and discussion between the personae as well as maps of their journey and images and objects produced to clarify the process also form part of the body of work, some of which is deliberately available to view only by a process of application and discussion.

The Parachute Files were exhibited at the Constance Howard Gallery, Goldsmiths College, University of London from late April to late July 2017 and in St Just, Cornwall in 2019 and further exhibitions in London, Cornwall and abroad are in development. The work continues to develop as text and textile pieces are added. It is also intended to publish an edit of the work in both physical and digital format. Please email if you would like information about opportunities to view the work.